May your new year be full of beautiful moments, big and small. Did you put any new year’s resolutions into action? Our high school students are planning their week free of mobile devices. Ready to join?
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Trip to VIDA Science Center

The entire kindergarten and year 1 will visit the amazing Vida Science Center! We will leave school at 9:00am by public transportation and return at approximately 2:00pm. We kindly ask you to pack a lunch from home on this day. 


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Primary Summative Share - Jan 5th
You are invited to a day of Summative shares on Friday, January 5, 2018! Come see what the primary students have been learning for the past seven weeks. They are all looking forward to presenting their knowledge and understandings in a creative way! Check the individual class newsletters for information about the schedules.
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Smartphone Free Week - Jan 8-12th
There is growing evidence that as a society, we are becoming increasingly addicted to our smartphones. But what would life look like without them? To find out, we’re all going to deliberately reduce how many times we check our phone the week of January 8 to 12.
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IB Student of the Month
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Isha Aggarwal
This month we're happy to present Isha, who consistently does well on tests and exams. January is when many of our students will be writing end of term testing. As with all things, preparing for tests is a skill that can be practiced and learned. Isha always does well on tests by keeping her notes up to date, reviewing in ways that work for her and asking for help when needed. She also uses the time during the tests wisely, making sure she checks her answers before handing the paper in. Isha's very impressive IGCSE scores last year proved that she has mastered the art of taking exams.
What's Up at ISB?
Workshops for Primary Parents - Jan 8th

All families are cordially invited to attend a mini-workshop for parents on Monday, January 8th from 15:15 to 16:30 to learn how to best support their child in reading and to understand how assessment works at ISB. 

Have You Heard (Read) the News?!

Before the Christmas holidays, our team of students published the first edition of the ISB Student Newspaper. Click here to check it out.

Primary Conferences and Reports

We are inviting everyone for the student-led conferences on Monday, January 29th and Tuesday, January 30th. End of term reports will be sent out electronically on Friday, January 26th; we encourage you to provide us with feedback and reflections on your child’s progress in term 1. The printed reports will be sent home on Wednesday, January 31st. 

ISB on Ice - February 2018

The skating lessons will start in February on the following three Mondays: 12th, 19th and 26th from 9:30 to 10:30. Please start putting together your skating gear: a helmet, warm winter clothes and skates. 
PTA Corner
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PTA Elections Coming Soon
The time for electing/announcing new PTA representatives is coming soon! We would like to know who is interested in taking on the following positions for a period of one year: PTA Head, PTA Treasurer, PTA Secretary. In case you are interested, please let us know at
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Calendar of Events
Jan 5 Primary summative share
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Workshops for parents
Jan 8-12
Secondary and HS smartphone free week
Jan 24
KG and year 1 trip to VIDA centre
Jan 29-30th
Primary conferences
Jan 31st
Reports sent home
Feb 12, 19, 26th
Ice skating
Best of December
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