Progression tests, graduation ceremonies, end of the year school trips...get ready for the last month of the school! ISB wishes all our families beautiful and relaxing summer holidays! Hope to see you all in September :)
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KG Graduation Ceremony - Jun 22nd
Please join us on June 22nd at 15:15 for the Kindergarten Graduation ceremony! We will enjoy short performances from all the KG children in the auditorium and say goodbye to the Year 1 students. Reception to follow. 
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Primary End of the Year Trip
End of Year Trip for Primary takes place during the last 3 days of school from June 27 to 29. This year, we will be travelling to the gorgeous woody Bohemian-Moravian Highlands to Safrankuv Mill. An adventurous programme will be prepared by Lemur and our students and teachers can look forward to a fancy renovated pension, full board, pool, exercise rooms, sport fields and more. Please confirm the attendance of your child via the form which was sent by school in an email. Thank you!
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Secondary and High School
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Graduation Ceremonies - Jun 19th
On June 19th, the Year 9 and 11 students will have their graduation ceremony where they will present their graduation film and receive the certificates. It is always a special occasion when we get to honour the hard work and progress of our students.
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IB Student of the Month
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Hanna Bekele
It is the time of year when we begin to get the  Year 11 students ready for the IB Programme. As we come to the end of 2017/2018, we want to recognise the hard work of Hanna Bekele, who will be starting the Diploma Programme in September. Hanna has consistently put in hard work in working towards achieving her best on the IGCSE exams. This ability to work towards long and short-term goals will serve her well in the IB Years.
What's Up at ISB?
Survey Finds ISB Students not Getting Enough Sleep or Exercise
In May 2018, ISB carried out a anonymous survey of our older students (years 9-12) to find out how they are coping with the classes and with life in general. The questions were designed to find out about the students levels of happiness, health and well-being. Here are the results. In reaction to the results of the survey, Ms. Chelsea will be organizing a Wellness Week for secondary and high school students between 18 - 22nd June. Stay tuned!

School Closes Earlier on 22nd of June
We would like to inform you that due to a whole staff event, the school will be closed from 16:30 on June 22nd. Please collect your children prior to that time. Thanks for understanding!

End of the Year BBQ - Jun 25th 
This has become a traditional ISB event wrapping up the whole school year. Students, parents and teachers get together at the KG patio and chat over hot dogs. We start at 15:00.

BEC Family Day at Jezírko - Jun 9th
This family friendly event is organized by Brno Expat Centre and ISB students will be there with eco-educative activities for the kids. Join us in exploring the natural environment that surrounds us, crawl through a giant anthill, follow a fun nature trail - all that at a charming old forestry house on the edge of Brno that serves children of all ages.
PTA Corner
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PTA Meeting - Jun 1st
Please attend the PTA meeting on Friday 1st June 2018 at 14:00 to discuss the Teacher Appreciation - we want to say thank you to all the teachers this month for all their hard work over the year. We need your suggestions! All families are welcome. 
PTA Newsletter
Calendar of Events
Jun 1 PTA meeting
Jun 9 BEC Family Day
Jun 15 Theme day - Jersey Day
Jun 18-22 Wellness week
Jun 19 Graduation ceremony for years 9 and 11 
Jun 22 KG Graduation ceremony
Jun 22 School finishes at 16:30
Jun 25 End of the year BBQ
Jun 25 Year 6 graduation
Jun 26 Reports go home
Jun 27-29 End of the year trips
Jun 29 Last day of school (ends at 12:30)
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